Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education

Through the services it provides, SCCRE contributes to strengthening educational research in Switzerland. Its aim is to establish a better dialogue between educational policy, practice, administration and research. It provides support for the efficient deployment of resources in research in education by taking on tasks that are in the interest of the various players involved in the Swiss educational scene.

Performance Mandate

SCCRE carries out its work according to the terms of a performance-based agreement containing the following central points:

  • Documentation of the content and results of Swiss research in education as well as any international educational research on the Swiss educational system
  • Information concerning Swiss educational research projects
  • Coordination of educational research, practice, administration and policy as well as encouragement of national and international cooperation in educational research
  • Analyses of the state of research progress in current educational research topics

Annual Reports

You can read a summary of our latest activities in the SCCRE Annual Reports (available in German and French):

Annual Report 2016 (PDF)Annual Report 2015 (PDF)
Annual Report 2014 (PDF)Annual Report 2013 (PDF)
Annual Report 2012 (PDF)Annual Report 2011 (PDF)
Annual Report 2010 (PDF)Annual Report 2009 (PDF)
Annual Report 2008 (PDF)Annual Report 2007 (PDF)
Annual Report 2006 (PDF)Annual Report 2005 (PDF)
Annual Report 2004 (PDF)Annual Report 2003 (PDF)
Annual Report 2002 (PDF)Annual Report 2001 (PDF)

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