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Education monitoring involves the systematic, long-term capture and processing of information on an education system and its context. It serves as a basis for education planning and educational-policy decisions, for reporting and for public debate.

According to the Swiss Federal Constitution (Art. 61a, paras. 1 and 2), the Swiss Confederation and the cantons have a joint obligation, each within the scope of its particular competencies, to ensure a high degree of quality and permeability within the Swiss education system. In the performance of this duty, the entire education system in Switzerland is systematically monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. Knowledge is gathered and methodically processed to produce information of relevance in managing and directing the education system.

In December 2006, the Swiss Education Report 2006 was published as a pilot version. In this report, data and information derived from statistics, research institutions and administrative bodies was compiled, processed, appropriately presented and correlated. Taking into account the external evaluations of the report and feedback from interested parties, the entities that commissioned this first report decided to commission an education report every four years in future. They instructed the Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education to compile the first Swiss Education Report 2010.

The publication of the first Swiss Education Report in 2010 was followed by a comprehensive evaluation phase. On the basis of this evaluation, the Confederation and cantons compiled findings and objectives for the strategic planning and further development of the education system. In addition, research deficits were identified, important gaps in the data exposed and measures taken to eliminate these. The Confederation and cantons commissioned the SCCRE to draw up the second Swiss Education Report 2014.

The results of the evaluation phase are reflected inter alia in the Swiss Education Report 2014, which marks the first time that the education monitoring process for Switzerland has been brought to a full conclusion.

The SCCRE was commissioned by the Confederation and Cantons to compile the Swiss Education Report 2018. The report will be presented to the public on 21 June 2018. The report can then be ordered directly at the SCCRE.

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