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Swiss Education Report 2010

The SCCRE was appointed to draw up the Swiss Education Report 2010. The report contains facts and figures based on statistics, research and official data for the entire Swiss education system from elementary school to adult education. It gives the relevant backgrounds and contexts, and describes the institutional characteristics of each level of education, and evaluates education system performance on the basis of three criteria: effectiveness, efficiency and equity. This evidence-based information is intended to support educational authorities and educational policymakers in their decision-making processes and enhance the public debate on the Swiss education system.

The Educational Report for Switzerland 2010 was published in February 2010 in German, French and Italian. The packerback version costs CHF 30.00, the hardcover version CHF 40.00. The German, French and Italian report can be read online as ePaper, in which you can search for words or download pages.

ePaper Bildungsbericht 2010   ePaper Rapporto 2010

The English version was published in August 2011 and can be downloaded (PDF)
or ordered for CHF 30.00.

Swiss Education Report 2010 (PDF)


Corrigenda (of the German report)     Corrected pages (of the German report, PDF)

Voices on the Report 2010

Jürg Zellweger: Fakten statt Utopien in der Bildung (PDF). in: «Schweizer Arbeitgeber» 4, S. 3
Walter Hagenbüchle: Bildung im Spiegel – für Zweifler und Kämpfer. in: NZZ. 5.2.2010

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