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Swiss Education Report 2014

The SCCRE was commissioned by the Confederation and Cantons to compile the Swiss Education Report 2014. The report contains facts and figures derived from statistics, research and official data for the entire Swiss education system. It sets out the relevant background and contexts, describes the institutional characteristics of each level of the education system and assesses the performance of the education system on the basis of the three criteria of effectiveness, efficiency and equity. The Education Report sets out to give all players in the education system the opportunity to assess Switzerland's current education system and to develop their ideas regarding the Swiss education system of tomorrow by providing the best possible summary of current knowledge.
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The 2014 Swiss Education Report was published February 11, 2014 in French, German and Italian. The printed version costs CHF 60.00 (order form on the right side). The report is also available as an electronic version in German, French and Italian. In the ePaper, you can search for specific terms and also download and print out the individual pages.
Bildungsbericht 2014  (ePaper)     Rapporto 2014 (ePaper)     Rapport 2014 (ePaper)

The Swiss Education Report 2014 is not printed or available as ePaper. It is available as PDF. Since December 2015, the report is available as PDF in the other languages as well.

Swiss Education Report 2014 (PDF)
Bildungsbericht Schweiz 2014 (PDF)
L'éducation en Suisse, rapport 2014 (PDF)
Rapporto sul sistema educativo svizzero 2014 (PDF)

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