Dr. Maria Alejandra Cattaneo

Research assistant at CSRE since 2007. Maria Cattaneo studied economics at the Universidad Nacional del Sur in Argentina and gained a doctorate in applied econometrics at the University of Zurich in 2006.

  • Research Assistant at the Swiss Coordination Center for Research in Education SKBF|CSRE
  • 2002-2006: Research Assistant at the Statistics and Empirical Economics Research Group, Socioeconomic Institute, University of Zurich
  • 2006: Dr. oec. publ., Applied Microeconometrics, University of Zurich
  • 2000: Licentiate Economics, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina

1. Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Cattaneo, Maria A.; & Stefan C. Wolter (2022): «Against all odds»; Does awareness of the risk of failure matter for educational choices?, Economics of Education Review. doi: 10.1016/j.econedurev.2022.102225
  • Aurélien Abrassart; Marius R. Busemeyer; Maria A. Cattaneo & Stefan C. Wolter (2020): Do adult foreign residents prefer academic to vocational education? Evidence from a survey of public opinion in Switzerland, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol 46 (15), 3314-3334. doi: 10.1080/1369183X.2018.1517595)
  • Cattaneo, M.A., Lergetporer, P., Schwerdt, G., Werner, K., Woessmann, L. & Wolter, S.C. (2020). Information Provision and Preferences for Education Spending: Evidence from Representative Survey Experiments in three Countries, European Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming
  • Cattaneo, Maria A., Oggenfuss, Chantal & Wolter, Stefan C. (2017). The more, the better? The impact of instructional time on student performance, Education Economics, 25(5), 433-445.
  • Cattaneo, Maria A. & Wolter, Stefan C. (2015). Better Migrants: Better PISA Results. Findings from a Natural Experiment, IZA Journal of Migration, 4:18.
  • Cattaneo, Maria A. (2011). New estimation of private returns to higher professional education and training, Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training 3(2), 71-84, 2011. 
  • Busemeyer, M.R., Cattaneo, M.A. & Wolter, S.C. (2011): Individual Policy Preferences for Vocational versus Academic Education. Micro Level Evidence for the Case of Switzerland, Journal of European Social Policy, 21(3), S. 253-273.
  • Bertschy, K., Cattaneo, M.A. & Wolter, Stefan C.  (2009). PISA and the Transition into the Labour Market, LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, 23, 111-137.
  • Cattaneo, Maria A. & Wolter, Stefan C.  (2009). Are the Elderly a Threat to Educational Expenditures? European Journal of Political Economy, 25, 225-236.
  • Lalive, R. & Cattaneo, M.A. (2009) Social Interactions and Schooling Decisions, Review of Economics and Statistics, 91(3), pp. 457-477.
  • Cattaneo, M.A., Hanslin, S. & Winkelmann, R. (2007). The Apple Falls Increasingly Far: Parent-Child Correlation in Schooling and The Growth of Post-Secondary Education in Switzerland, Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 143, 133-154.
  • Cattaneo, M.A. & Winkelmann, R. (2005). Earnings Differentials between French and German Speakers in Switzerland, Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 141, 191-212. 

2. Working und Staff Papers

3. Contributions to edited volumes

  • Cattaneo, Maria A. & Wolter, Stefan C. (2020). Selected Findings from 10 Years of Public Opinion Surveys on Education in Switzerland. In: Martin R. West, Ludger Woessmann (eds.), Public Opinion and the Political Economy of Education Policy around the World. Cambridge: MIT Press, forthcoming.
  • Oggenfuss, C., Cattaneo, M. & Wolter, S.C. (2016). Raising attainment with more instructional time? A partially successful strategy with undesirable side effects. CIDREE Yearbook 2016, 184-193.
  • Bertschy, Kathrin, Cattaneo, Maria A. & Wolter, Stefan C. (2011). PISA and the Transition into the Labour Market, in: Bergmann M.M. et al.  (Hrsg.): Transitionen im Jugendalter, Ergebnisse der Schweizer Längsschnittstudie TREE, Seismo Verlag, Zürich 217-245.

4. Short Articles