Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education

Trend Reports

The SCCRE also reviews the current state of educational research (trend reports) in response to problems concerning the education system. It collects information on research outcomes in Switzerland and abroad and provides interested parties access to this commented and evaluated information.

Trend Reports in German or French

Reports on Education

Since 2005, the SCCRE has been mandated by federal and cantonal governments to periodically give an account of the Swiss education system in an education report. The pilot report was published in German and French in 2006, the first education report was published in German and French in 2010. The English version was released in 2011. The second Report on Education in German, French and Italian has been presented to the public on 11 February 2014. The English version will be published in spring 2014.


SCCRE Staff Papers

SCCRE Staff Papers contain expert reports and analyses of SCCRE staff members regarding current subjects of education policy. Staff Papers are normally published in German and mostly also exist in another form of publication in English or French.

SCCRE Staff Papers


The SCCRE is responsible for the new journal ERVET – Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training.


Available in bookstores

Stefan C. Wolter, the Director of SCCRE, has published three books in Beiträge zur Bildungsökonomie, a series of books on the economics of education from Rüegger Verlag.

Economics of Education

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