Guidelines for new entries

The project must meet the following three criteria:

  • Research project
  • Educational topic conntected to Switzerland
  • At least one scientific publication with details of research method(s) and results

Important information regarding entries

  • Abstract length: max. 1900 characters including spaces
  • Abstract must contain:
    - context
    - subject of research
    - information about the data and methods
    - results
  • Title: short title (doesn’t have to correspond to the publication’s original title)
  • Bibliographical references: according to the APA 6th style referencing
  • Our project reports are bilingual (German–French): the translations are commissioned by the SCCRE
  • Online publication:  
    1.  in theSCCRE database
    2.  in the SCCRE magazine: with a short teaser (author & title) or together with the abstract
    All the entries are linked to a PDF with all the information of the publication.
  • FORS: all our reports also appear in the next FORS publication, generally at the end of the year.

Entries that will not be accepted

  • Theses completed below the level of PhD thesis, such as bachelor, master and diploma, or seminar papers
  • Statistical reports such as surveys without further analyses
  • Reports on the use of evaluation tools without theoretical or empirical comparison or impact analyses
  • Development projects that have not been empirically reviewed and verified
  • Pure literature analysis