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Swiss Education Report

The Swiss Education Report 2023 again provides data and information from statistics, research and administration on the entire education system in Switzerland from pre-school to continuing education and serves as a basis for the formulation of the joint education goals of the Confederation and the cantons. The Education Report Switzerland 2023 was presented to the public on 7 March 2023 in Bern and can be consulted electronically free of charge or purchased as a book directly from us.

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Swiss Education Report 2018

The Swiss Education Report 2018 provides facts and figures based on statistics, research and official data covering the entire Swiss education system from elementary school to adult education. The modernised education statistics open up new evaluation opportunities, which provide a much improved picture of cantonal differences, educational pathways and the like in Switzerland. For example, it is now possible to examine differences in class size within cantons, stable and differentiated completion rates in upper-secondary education and, through research projects, the transitions between compulsory schooling and further education.
The Report 2018 was published on 19 June 2018. Since the beginning of June 2019, the Swiss Education Report 2018 is available free of charge as a PDF file.



Corrected figure 5   Page 16 (PDF)

Correction of the average growth of elementary school pupils. Based on this, the calculations for the number of teachers and graduates from the universities of teacher education and apprenticeships places were adjusted. 
Corrected text   Pages 33-34 (PDF): at the bottom of page 33 and the top of the page 34

Corrected figure  Page 59 (PDF)

The publicly available data about the Canton of Thurgau used by the SCCRE to compile the Education Report proved to be flawed due to inadequate calculations and was therefore removed from Figures 59 and 60.
Corrected figure 59 and 60  Page 67 (PDF)

Corrected text   Page 69 (PDF): second last paragraph, last sentence
Corrected figure 108   Page 108 (PDF)
Corrected figure 123   Page 125 (PDF)
Corrected figure 155   Page 152 (PDF): title
Corrected text   Page 165 (PDF): third last sentence
Corrected figure 202   Page 188 (PDF): legend
Corrected figure 273   Page 248 (PDF): legend
Corrected figure 273   Page 250 (PDF): legend

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Swiss Education Report 2014

The Swiss Education Report 2014 provides facts and figures based on statistics, research and official data for the entire Swiss education system. It sets out the relevant background and context, describes the institutional characteristics of each level of the education system and assesses the performance of the education system on the basis of the three criteria: effectiveness (level of goal achievement), efficiency (impact of procedures and measures) and equity (equality of opportunity). The individual, social and economic framework conditions and effects of education on income, health and happiness are contained in two separate chapters.


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Swiss Education Report 2006

The Swiss Coordination Center for Research in Education SCCRE wrote the 2006 Report on Swiss Education as commissioned by the Confederation and the cantons as a pilot version. This report established the basis for periodic Swiss education monitoring, was published in German and in French.


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