Chantal Oggenfuss

Research assistant at CSRE since 2012. Chantal Oggenfuss studied education, sociology, ethnology at the University of Zurich.

  • Research Assistant at the Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education SCCRE, Aarau (2012-
  • Trainee, Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education SCCRE, Aarau (2010-2011)
  • SNSF project «Teacher Education Reform and Nationwide Accreditation of Diploma», FHNW/University of Zurich (2010)

Evaluation of the effect of continuing education and training for the health promotion in schools, Landert Partner (2008)
  • Primary school teacher (1999-2009)
  • 2015: CAS in applied statistics, University of Berne
  • 2012: licentiate, University of Zurich: pedagogy, sociology, European ethnology
  • 1999: Primary teachers diploma

Selection of mandates

  • Contact person for CIDREE
  • Member of the Pedagogical Commission LCH (Swiss federation of teachers)
  • Sekretariate of CODICRE-CH

A. Book contributions, reports

  • Oggenfuss, Chantal & Wolter, Stefan C.(2020). The Swiss Education Report
    - a comprehensive examination of the education system and its context.
    In: C. Oggenfuss & S. C. Wolter (Hrsg.). National Education Reports in
    European Countries. CIDREE Yearbook 2020 (S. 133-150). Aarau: SKBF.
  • Oggenfuss, Chantal (2016). Kantonale Reformen im Zeichen des Konsenses. In: L. Criblez, L. Lehmann & C. Huber (Hrsg.). Lehrerbildungspolitik in der Schweiz seit 1990. Kantonale Reformprozesse und nationale Diplomanerkennung. Zürich: Chronos.
  • Oggenfuss, Chantal & Wolter, Stefan C. (2014). Are Teachers' Views of Educational Policy Different from the Rest of the Population?, CIDREE Yearbook 2014, 140-161.
  • Grossenbacher, Silvia & Oggenfuss, Chantal (2011). Von der musischen Bildung zur «aesthetic literacy». Musik, Kunst, Gestaltung in der Volksschule. Aarau: Schweizerische Koordinationsstelle für Bildungsforschung (SKBF Trendbericht 12).

B. Articles in journals (peer-reviewed)

C. Working and discussion papers

D. Articles in periodicals